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From small boatyards to major marinas. From customer communications to fuel services. From Fowey to Bangor, Harbour Assist is the new name in marina management software.

Quay Marinas talks about why they moved on to the Cloud-based service.

As any marina manager knows, running a tight ship can mean all hands on deck. Looking after bookings, payments, contracts and renewals takes up precious time and resources, whether you’re in charge of five berths or five thousand.

Quay Marinas knows this as well as anyone. For over 40 years it has provided berths and facilities for all manner of customers.

But the times they are a’ changing. And with them come new opportunities to offer a safer, more reliable service.

Quay Marinas’ Paul Rye says, “Aside from already having won an award, Harbour Assist’s package is fully integrated and it lets us handle customer information efficiently, take payments online and via mobile devices as well as integrating our communications, assets, maintenance routines and tasks which are presently outside our current systems. A huge advantage is that it uses Cloud-based technology which will hopefully avoid any future downtime and the responsiveness of the system appears to be very good, even on normal broadband connections.”

Harbour Assist’s Commercial Director Nick Gill says, “Cloud technology means the software works in any location. And it’s all subjected to strict industry-standard penetration and data-security tests”

“We initially trialled Harbour Assist at Bangor Marina to make sure it was an improvement on our previous service and we received positive feedback from our operational staff” says Paul Rye, “We’re committed to giving our customers a secure invoicing and payment portal via our website or email. Hopefully in time this portal will allow customers to book additional services directly. The software also lets us treat all information with the strictest confidence and store it all securely.”

“By focusing on making life easier for each manager and each customer, we can scale the service up or down for any size marina. Putting full control at your fingertips.” says Nick Gill.

So while marinas can still face those ‘all hands on deck’ moments, new technology like this could make sure all the hands are working efficiently.

Harbour Assist went live across all Quay Marinas’ 7 sites on the 1st March 2017

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