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We appreciate that the systems and processes in place to manage your harbour, port or marina may have been in use for a long time. You’re probably quite fond of them. But are they really the most efficient and reliable way of getting the job done. No…we thought not.

Don’t worry – bringing the management of your operation up to date, whilst saving time and money and massively improving efficiencies across the board, isn’t as daunting as it sounds

Everything begins with a simple conversation.

We understand that the systems and processes you use to manage your harbour, port or marina may have been in place for a long time.

You’re probably quite fond of them – even though you know they’re not the most reliable way to work.

Don’t worry – bringing the management of your operation up to date, saving time and money and massively improving efficiencies across the board, isn’t as daunting as it sounds!

Some of the UK’s busiest harbours, including Dartmouth, Padstow and Fowey, have already adopted Harbour Assist with great success and it all begins with an obligation-free chat with our friendly team.

We don’t employ a sales force. When you call or email you’ll be talking directly to the people who’ve designed and built Harbour Assist.

We’ll talk you through the benefits, and help you understand what’s ‘in it for you’ when you change over. And if you’re excited about the potential, then we’ll talk about the next steps.

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What our customers say

We are delighted with Harbour Assist and it will be instrumental in the future success of Dart Harbour as we continue to grow our leisure and residential business. Nick and Graham have worked closely with our team, responding quickly and effectively to our queries and they also took an active role in staff training. They were always flexible to our needs and innovative in their solutions.

Captain Rob Giles B Eng M.N.I.
Captain Rob Giles B Eng M.N.I.Harbour Master and CEODart Harbour & Navigation Authority

Over this winter Harbour Assist  have integrated our resident customers into our system, there were new and complicated demands to this aspect including importing customer details and history, managing mooring waiting lists and allocations. This again was achieved on time and to specification by Nick and Graham. Our resident customers are now able to access and manage their accounts online and we will also be able to send future invoices by email which will continue to improve the efficiency of our business.

Captain Paul Thomas
Captain Paul ThomasHarbour Master & CEOFowey Harbour Commissoners

Viking Systems have delivered a truly accomplished software system which has transformed the way we service our customers and manage our business. The transition from our previous system to the new Harbour Assist was hassle-free and with minimal interruption to our workflow. The cloud based service is a refreshing and more cost-effective alternative to managing a server environment and new features are continually added to the system. Harbour Assist brings the cost-effectiveness of an off-the-shelf system with the customisation of a bespoke build to deliver a system that fits our business perfectly.

Paul Beames
Paul BeamesIT Manager - Parkstone Bay GroupParkstone Bay Marina

With close assistance from the Harbour Assist team we were able to seamlessly replace a legacy system, integrate with existing Sage Accounting systems and begin the transition to paperless management and accounting.  Now the system is up and running we are looking forward to utilising some of the other features available including asset management and maintenance.

Support is always at the end of the phone and I would wholeheartedly recommend both the system and the team to any other marina or harbour looking to modernise.”

Billy Johnson
Billy JohnsonHarbour MasterLittlehampton Harbour Board

Harbour Assist has delivered all that was promised and more, working hard with my team to deliver the system ahead of schedule. Harbour Assist have gone the extra mile in being flexible and understanding of our business needs, developing the system to match our requirements.

Darren Bramhall
Darren BramhallOperations DirectorBWML

As this was the first electronic harbour management system we had used, moving to Harbour Assist was a major task for us. Though with guidance and support from Nick and Graham, the transition ran smoothly and the team now has a more efficient way of working. With the intuitive nature of the system and the training given, the new processes were quickly picked up by the team. 

The complete management of our service for visitors to the Beaulieu River and Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour is now run via Harbour Assist. The support we have received from Harbour Assist has been highly responsive and personalised. Our mooring holders and boatyard customers have also benefited from the newsystem by being able to view their accounts and make payments online. 

Wendy Stowe
Wendy StoweHarbour MasterBuckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour

Aside from already having won an award, Harbour Assist’s package is fully integrated and it lets us handle customer information efficiently, take payments online and via mobile devices as well as integrating our communications, assets, maintenance routines and tasks which are presently outside our current systems. A huge advantage is that it uses Cloud-based technology which will hopefully avoid any future downtime and the responsiveness of the system appears to be very good, even on normal broadband connections.

Paul Rye
Paul RyeDirectorQuay Marinas Ltd