Costa Palmas

The gateway into the seemingly endless and ever-so-inviting waters of the Sea of Cortéz, Costa Palmas Marina is located on the East Cape of Baja, Mexico.

Centrally located within Costa Palmas which is home to Four Seasons and Aman Resorts & Residences, the Marina Village is under construction, with 30 berths currently in operation; when completed, the Marina will number 250-300 serviced berths ranging from 15-70m in length and dry-storage spaces for up to 100 boats.

Once completed, this semi-private, full-service port will accommodate more than 200 motor yachts, sailboats, and fishing vessels.

With construction well underway, Costa Palmas wanted to ensure they had a Marina Management system to deal with the challenges a newly built Marina will bring.

Marine Director, Lucas Brocker said “At Costa Palmas, we sought to integrate the different business units into one system. Harbour Assist / Marina Assist provides the capability of integrating a marina system with our membership products, providing a one-step solution for our clients. We already had a system in place, but moved on to Harbour Assist / Marina Assist because it provides us full control of the whereabouts and communications to clients/members.”

“The system is well thought through and is truly tailored for all marina related processes, with the ability to plug in a Booking Request link onto our website and having full control of all requests being submitted. Every marina has a different way of working its assets and with the assistance of the Harbour Assist / Marina Assist team we have been able to tweak as needed, making the system adapt to our needs – not vice-versa.”

Lucas added, “Duncan, Rachel, and the rest of the Harbour Assist / Marina Assist team have been of great help. The team dedicated many hours to train the team to understand the system and have provided plenty of assistance throughout in order to tailor the use of MA/HA for Costa Palmas’ purpose.”

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