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Harbour Assist is a complete package of services, tasks and features to help you manage your marine business more effectively.

Specification at July 2020

Customer Management

Specification Harbour Assist
Centralised Account & Vessel Database'Single version of the truth' - a single database for customer & vessel information. Full Boat History - which moorings they have been on, what inspections have taken place and who has previously owned it. Notes can also be stored against a boat.
Account DashboardAn easy to read dashboard which shows an overview of the customer account all on one screen. See at a glance customer contact details, their boats, notes, unpaid orders, tasks, latest payments, latest communications and if they are on any waiting lists.
PlaquesAbility to store issued plaque details against a vessel. Includes mooring-licence sticker numbers, parking permit numbers, loyalty card details or any other type of permit.
Waiting ListsImmediate visibility of who is on what list, their position and any notes relating to their requested location. Owners and Boats can be on multiple waiting lists. Printable PDF for each Waiting List if you wish to display for customers.
Custom Data CaptureCapture any additional fields against the Account at no extra cost.
Document StorageAbility to upload and store customer Documents such as insurance certificates means never hunting for documents again. Expiry dates of documents can be captured so you can see at a glance if the document is out of date. Upload scans of incoming letters. Automatically generate regularly-used documents from a Template - e.g. Boatman licence. Capture images of Boats with pad/phone camera.
SearchEasy to use full Search facility - search by account ID, first/last name, boat name, email address, asset (mooring), plaque number, order ID and postal code. We track the last 20 accounts viewed, so you can quickly go back to an account without re-searching.
Customer Note HistoryDetailed notes relating to contact with owners can be stored with date.time/user stamp - this can provide an action list for staff. There is also a 'free notes' area where temporary notes can be added to an account.
Multiple Account TypesCapture different information for different customer types.


Specification Harbour Assist
Communication HistoryNever be unsure about who said what to a customer again. A single list showing all emails, letters, phone call notes, meeting notes and SMSs.
Email CompositionAd hoc emails can be created from a template to save time and ensure communication consistency.
Letter CompositionLetters can be created from a template to ensure consistency. Optionally, text can be customised to include other info for the customer.
SMS CompositionSend your customers SMS reminders and updates. Templates can be created so they're sent at the press of a button.
Bulk CommunicationGenerate bulk letters to segments of your customer vase. Generate and monitor bulk email campaigns to segments of your customer base. Measure click rates and open rates for emails. Email bounce tracking ensures that customer email addresses are kept up-to-date. Generate bulk SMS messages to segments of your customer base.
Smart List DatabaseWith our Smart List feature, you will never send correspondence to an out-of-date segment of customers. Smart Lists are updated automatically whenever any changes are made to the account or boat details.
Email ForwardingForward an email to a customer account via our 'tracking' function. File incoming emails on the central account.

GDPR Management

Specification Harbour Assist
Consent GroupsCapture customer consent to ensure GDPR and data protection compliance. Customers can self-manage consent within the Portal. Step-by-step bulk communications help to ensure you only contact customers who have given consent to receive non-operational information. Send bulk email newsletters at no cost.

Asset/Occupancy Management

Specification Harbour Assist
Asset AdministrationCapture all assets across all sites, from berths to buildings. Logging and capture of the components that make-up an asset. Relate 'associated' assets - electricity bollards to a berth. Makes inspection and allocation more efficient. Berths have a type (swinging, pontoon etc) and notes can be added, such as max length, min depth, location etc.
Berth/Occupancy ManagementMatch available moorings with customers on waiting lists to make the most suitable configuration. Residential moorings can be released to be available for visitors when the resident is away, maximising occupancy.
Berth/Occupancy OverviewLive overview of current and future bookings in an 'Outlook' style calendar. Liver dashboard showing all berthing in all marinas (multi-site) with at-a-glance information on who has paid, what boat is on what berth, tasks and inspection status.
Calendar EventsLet the entire team know about important activities/issues to consider when booking-in boats by adding important events to the Occupancy Calendar.
Asset HistoryThe system keeps the history of each asset, for example, which boat was allocated to each berth (by date).

Asset Maintenance

Specification Harbour Assist
Asset Inspection RoutineCreate 'inspection regimes' for assets, and get reminders when inspections are due. Use an iPad/tablet on the pontoons/boatyard to record inspections in situ. Reporting can show capital outlay to replace components. Creates 'order list' to allow easy ordering of replacements.
Fault LoggingLog faults and set tasks to ensure the correct person/team is alerted.
Inspection and Fault Manager FeaturesAt-a-glance view of overdue, upcoming and completed inspections. At-a-glance view of outstanding faults and their severity (high/medium/low) and resolved faults. View in table format, or on the site map.

Visitor Management

Specification Harbour Assist
Visitor DepartStay on top of your visitors with the 'visitor depart' feature. See all current visitors with their arrival/departure dates, whether they've been charged for their stay and whether they've paid. Raise additional/top-up orders for visitors extending their stay.


Specification Harbour Assist
Occupancy ViewView the whole site or zoom in to view an asset or mooring - check occupancy status, whether an order has been raised and whether it's been paid. Ability to move, depart or charge vessels by clicking on the map.
Licensing ViewView the entire site or zoom in to a specific area to see the current licencing status. Clear or add licences by clicking on the map.
Inspections ViewView the whole site or zoom in to specific areas to see outstanding and scheduled inspections. Complete an inspection by clicking on the map.
Faults ViewView the whole site of zoom in to specific areas to see logged faults, colour-coded by severity. View the fault and mark as resolved. Log a new fault.

Orders & Invoicing

Specification Harbour Assist
Order and Line Item CaptureRapidly capture orders for products/services and generate an invoice or receipt in a single-page process. Automatically multiply tariffs based on LOA, nights, weeks or any combination. All orders are immediately available to be paid online.
Instalment SupportAbility for customers to spread the cost of the mooring/service across the year. Create standard instalments based on strict rules. Create custom schedules with different percentage breakdowns.
Choice of LayoutDisplay orders and payments to suit the user. Choose from Classic or History. History view can be filtered by transaction type - useful for finance staff.
Electricity/Fuel CaptureCapture meter readings from electricity bollards or fuel pumps and accrue information (units kWh or litres) and store against the customer to invoice when required.
Beautiful Invoices and ReceiptsPublishing-grade, branded invoices and receipts to reflect your brand to your customers. NB: Stock templates branded with your logo are included in the price. Bespoke layouts can be created and priced on request. Invoices and receipts can be emailed to customers to reduce stationery, print and mailing costs. Invoice and receipt templates are editable in Microsoft Word, giving total layout freedom.
Order-Specific CaptureCapture additional information depending on the order type. Staff are prompted to enter the correct information - visitor arrival date, next marina of call, persons onboard etc.
Order-Specific TemplatesInvoice and receipt temapltes are customisable based on the type of order. Allows terms and conditions specific to a certain service to be included on the invoice and receipts. Ability to capture a signature declaration for specific order types.
Payment Allocation/ReconciliationAll payments can be matched against an invoice number. The system handles multiple payments against one invoice, and one payment against multiple invoices. The system can create draft (pro-forma) orders which can be edited or deleted without the need to raise a credit note. The system automatically reconciles all payment types instantly when payment is received against the relevant account/order. Import BACS, standing order and Direct Debit data and match the correct account.


Specification Harbour Assist
Financial ReportingReports covering all aspects of payments received. View by payment method, summary or drill-down detail. View deleted payments, unallocated payments and refunds. Aged debt report in summary or full detail.
Sales ReportingReports showing sales by tariff in summary or detail. Deferred revenue detail, draft orders and deleted orders. Analyse enquiry lead conversion to customers. Review bath renewals and a financial summary of paid and unpaid orders.
Operational ReportingA full suite of operational reports covering waiting lists, issued plaques, licenced assets, occupancy (in summary and detail), arrivals, departures and overstays (undeparted occupancies).
Integration with AccountsExport to Sage 50, Sage 200 and Xero. Additional export formats can be supported.

Task Engine

Specification Harbour Assist
Task OwnershipNever 'drop the ball' again. Tasks can be related to any item in the database (boat, account, asset, order). Assigned to an owning user or team and tracked through to completion.
Workload ManagementSee how busy your teams are. View their daily tasks on a familiar 'Outlook' style calendar.
Task HistoryAll task re-assignments are logged. Full note history visible to see who has done what. No more 'I think X did Y' when a customer asks about the task status.
Task NotificationSet how (via email, SMS or desktop notification) and when you want to be notified about particular tasks and their current statis. An excellent management tool that will help you to monitor is users/teams are completing tasks in a timely manner.
Integrated with Online PaymentsWhenever a customer pays online, Harbour Assist can optionally allocate a task to a team to ensure that they dispatch any required paperwork.

Renewal Engine

Specification Harbour Assist
Automatically Generate Renewal OrdersGenerate thousands of renewal orders in a matter of minutes. Generate a mailshot with pro-forma invitation to renew. Do in a day what previously took several people weeks.
Integrated with Bulk Email EngineDispatch invitations to renew via email. Measure whether they have been opened and capture bounces.
Batch Electricity Reading InvoicingThe batch renewal engine allows the 'drawing down' of any unread meter readings. These are added to any other tariffs that are being invoiced so can be done seamlessly either on their own or as part of the renewal run.

Customer Portal

Specification Harbour Assist
Online PaymentsGive your customer the ability to pay their invoices online at any time of the night or day. Immediate automatic allocation to their account.
Card VaultCustomer can store their credit/debit card details on the portal so they can be used again without having to input all the card numbers.
Quick PayCustomers can pay their bills at the touch of a button (no log-in required) using a vaulted card or by entering card details. The Quick Pay link can be sent either by email or SMS. We timed it, and with a vaulted card, customers can pay within 30 seconds of receiving the invoice via SMS.
Manage Consent GroupsKeep GDPR compliant. Customers can manage their marketing preferences by updating their consent groups online.
Order and Payment HistoryCustomers can view their historical orders and payments.
Edit DetailsYour customers can edit and update their contact details online.
Active Vessels and Waiting ListsYour customer can see what details you hold for their active vessels. Your customer can view waiting lists they're on, their position in the list (if applicable) and the date they joined the list.


Specification Harbour Assist
Mobile PaymentsCustomers no longer have to come into the office, take payment on the pontoons or on the water on a chip and pin reader. Automatic real-time reconciliation of payments and orders.
Virtual TerminalTake payment over the phone and pay or reconcile directly.
Card PaymentsThe card readers enable you to take payments in the office and on the water via PC/Mac or tablet. No more PDQ machine rental charges.


Specification Harbour Assist
Sliding Session ExpirationAfter one hour of inactivity, users are automatically logged out of the system and reverted to the log-in page. When they log back in, they are returned to the page they were previously viewing.
User LockoutTo protect against brute-force attacks, if a user (whether a member of staff or customer on the Portal) enters the incorrect username/password for 10 sequential attempts they are locked out.
Log-in AttemptsWe store successful and unsuccessful login attempts for users and customers (on their Portal). This improves auditing and allows full transparency of who logged in and when.


Specification Harbour Assist
24x7 Phone Support for OutageBuild trust by ensuring your team have an expert on the end of the phone if required.
Built-in Support WidgetGet help and support from an expert at the click of a button. Our built-in widget enables you to take a screenshot to show exactly what you need help with.
Feature HintsAs we release/updates features, we show the changes by friendly pops that give more information.


Specification Harbour Assist
Language SettingSwitch the language of the site at the click of a button. Current languages supported are English French and Spanish.
CurrencyThe system can be configured to support any currency.
MeasurementsSupports both imperial and metric units.


Specification Harbour Assist
DatabaseData stored in Microsoft Ireland Datacentre. Three replicas of data within the Datacentre. Each replica is held on multiple disks. Rolling 14-day back-up to allow minute accuracy point-in-time restore. Nightly back-ups stored for three months.
Cache ServersKeeps regularly used data in-memory for performance. Cache replicated to failover.
Web ServersMinimum of three load-balanced web servers. 256-bit SSL Certificates. International monitoring system checks system uptime and performance very 60 seconds.

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