Thinking outside of the berth

Harbour Assist is well known for being the leading cloud-based marina and harbour management system, but have you ever considered how the system could work for other aspects of your business?

Lakeland Leisure Estates have done just that and have recently rolled out the system to their stunning Long Ashes Park in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and their Lodges at Roydon Marina Village in Essex.

Lakeland Leisure Estates first started using Harbour Assist at Deganwy Marina in 2018, followed by their other 4 marinas in 2020. Having the 5 marinas well established in the system, the question was, could they add their Caravan and Lodge operations to a Harbour and Marina system? The answer was, yes!

Harleyford Leisure Estates had already rolled out Harbour Assist to manage their lodges in November 2020 after first implementing the system at Shepperton and Harleyford marinas in 2019, so when Mark Morgan, Managing Director of Lakeland Leisure Estates approached us we were able to reassure him it wasn’t a crazy idea.

Mark explains ‘It was a smooth transition and integration; the system works the same way for our lodges and holiday homes as it does for boats in a harbour or marina’.

Mark continues, ‘as it’s the same system we use across the marinas we knew it would streamline operations, staff didn’t require extensive training and it was a simple integration for our head office team. It speeds up several processes; with all transactions and communications logged and data in real-time it’s also improved the visibility of customer accounts for the park and marina management.’

Other Harbour Assist customers are already using the system for camping pitches, hotel rooms, beach hut management and much more, demonstrating the versatility of the system.

For more information about Long Ashes Park, visit Long Ashes Park , for Harleyford Lodges, visit Harleyford Properties

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