Seamlessly integrate all your management tools.

We’ve launched a partner API to increase the integration potential of Harbour Assist.

The API enables selected data to flow to and from Harbour Assist to external systems without compromising data security. Projects using the API include pushing GDPR permissions and verifying account emails from a website form to Harbour Assist, synching data between Harbour Assist and a bespoke customer app and integrating with external CRM systems.

Future applications could share data with cloud-based bespoke apps, websites, specialist accounting packages, lead generation software and business analytics tools.

The API gives our customers control over external integrations, rather than commissioning bespoke development from Harbour Assist – putting the cost and pace of development firmly in the user’s hands. The Harbour Assist API uses Microsoft’s Azure API management service, so developers can view and try the API securely. Microsoft Azure delivers security, failover, load balancing and scalability.

While APIs are the building blocks for creating connections between software, they’re not always the solution for smaller organisations. We’ve got a really smart customisable automation engine launching early in 2021 that will give marina managers the power to automate marketing messages, invoicing and lots more.

If you are interested in joining our API early adopter programme, give our CTO, Graham Laidler, a call to talk about what you’d like to build.

How can we help your business?

If you’d like to talk about how an API could help your business, email Graham  [email protected]