Welcome aboard, Cowes Harbour Commission

Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) manages the world-famous yachting port of Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The estate includes 650 river moorings, the 170 berth Shepards Wharf Marina, a fuel dock and Kingston Boatyard, plus CHC provides a range of commercial services including pilotage and work vessel support.

Cowes is one of the busiest harbours on the south coast, with over 50,000 visiting leisure boats as well as the Red Funnel car and passenger ferry services, bulk cargo vessels, boutique cruise ships. Cowes also boasts a thriving boatbuilding and marine services sector.

A multi-task business

CHC is self-financing and has a policy of investing in marine services that are strategically important for the harbour. Deputy Harbour Master Ed Walker points out that the Commission is effectively a multi-task business, which is why it chose Harbour Assist to improve and simplify management of the port’s operations.

With staff split across three main sites and out and about on patrol vessels, accessibility is important. Harbour Assist enables the entire CHC team to access the relevant processes and customer data via any device wherever they are located.

Intuitive design

Deputy Harbour Master Ed Walker confirmed that the on-boarding process for Harbour Assist was straight forward and very well-managed. Once installedit was easy to tailor to CHC’s business asset and financial structure, with an intuitive process flow throughout the system.

“We appreciate the simplicity of its design and presentation, which provides all the information we need for accurate reporting of berth occupancy and all other sectors of the business. This helps to ensure that our berth-holders and other clients remain satisfied with the excellent standard of service and value for money we aim to give.”

He added, The company provides excellent support and are quick to recommend ways in which CHC can create additional value from their highly adaptable and cost-effective system.

For more information about Cowes Harbour Commission, visit cowesharbourcommision.co.uk

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