Newlyn Harbour

Newlyn, a working harbour since the 15th century, stands as one of the United Kingdom’s largest fishing ports. Positioned adjacent to some of the richest fishing grounds in the Northern Hemisphere, the cliffs surrounding this iconic harbour once echoed with the call of ‘hevva, hevva.’ This cry, uttered by the huer who watched for pilchard shoals, served as a signal to the townspeople to launch the fleet and bring in the catch.

Established by an Act of Parliament as a Trust Port in 1906, Newlyn Harbour is working hard to provide facilities, services, and expertise tailored to bolster the growth and sustainability of the fishing industry and the livelihoods of our hardworking fishermen. While focused on the present, Newlyn aspires to be recognised as a hub of excellence and for its pioneering approach for the wider marine sector and all those who make Newlyn their home.

To enhance the harbour’s progress and modernisation, a comprehensive Harbour Management system was required to support Berth and Asset management, coupled with maintenance and task management. Jonathan Poynter, the Harbour Master, explains, Newlyn Harbour had long relied on a predominantly paper-based management approach. The new management team had previously used a variety of different software management solutions and recognised an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the operation at Newlyn. Despite a plethora of software solutions for asset management and planned maintenance on the market, none but Harbour Assist seemed to grasp the mix of asset types within the harbour environment, all wrapped up within an easy to access package.”

Jonathan further commented, “Harbour Assist was chosen as it fulfils our current need, providing the asset management and maintenance tools we needed now, whilst being capable of expanding with us as we grow. Harbour Assist is already making a difference to our operations, from assigning pontoon berths to our resident fishers, through to logging routine maintenance checks to demonstrate compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code. In time we hope to include every aspect of the harbour estates operation.”

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