Powering your communications

Have you ever wanted to identify customers to send them targeted messages? To drill into your data and get clarity on the situation? 

Our popular Smart Lists feature just got a lot, well, smarter.

We’ve created a completely new query builder that gives users the power to create their own lists and data sets. Driven by a simple wizard, all users can quickly add criteria blocks to answer complex questions.

Plus, with the new Tagging function, you can add custom tags to any record, enabling you to add detail to your data and highlight important information quickly.

Smart Lists on a computer

What can Smart Lists do?

For marketing

How great would your marketing be if you could segment your customers quickly and accurately? If it was easy to send targeted messages knowing that you’re reaching exactly the right people every time?

Imagine if you could:

  • Sell more resident contracts by targeting last year’s visitors (and be GDPR compliant!)
  • Fill your engine tech’s schedule with an offer for outboard-powered boats
  • Offer blue antifoul paint to owners of blue hulled yachts
  • Send newsletters with different content to visitors and residents

For management

How great would your admin be if you could drill into your data quickly? If it was simple to filter by date, value, team member or almost anything else?

Imagine if you could:

  • Remind contracted customers a month before their insurance lapses
  • Identify all the orders raised by a particular member of staff
  • Request settlement from customers with over £50 due after 30 days
  • Report on boatyard tasks completed or outstanding in the last month

For customer service

How great would your customer service be if any of your team were able to send updates, alerts and advice to groups of contacts. If they didn’t need special training or access to mail merge lists?

Imagine if you could:  

  • Send an SMS storm warning to all boats in the marina
  • Give a voucher for your on-site bar to owners of boats over 10m
  • Text everyone on pier B that their electricity will be off on Thursday
  • Get all Beneteau owners together for a fun rally

Smart actions

Every Smart List related to a customer can be used for communications. So you can run a query then email, SMS or create a letter to all the contacts simultaneously.

Just like every communication in Harbour Assist, the system will check the customer’s marketing consents so you can be confident in sending messages that are GDPR compliant. If you send an email you’ll be able to track opens (no more ‘I didn’t get that email’) and every item is stored and accessible on the customer record.

You can save queries and return to run them again and again. You can lock lists so other users can’t change the criteria, and you can keep your personal lists separate from the wider team’s. And all Smart Lists can be exported to Excel as standard.

Smart Lists vs mailing lists

If you care about your customers and your bottom line, you’re probably doing most of this already. You’ve probably got several mailing lists in Outlook, Excel or MailChimp. The problem is that all these lists need updating in order to be valuable.

If a customer changes his email, sells a yacht and buys a motor boat, provides a new insurance certificate, moves from B to C pier or pays a bill, then your lists will need updating. 

Smart Lists does it all for you.

Unlike a mailing list, when you save a Smart List, the search criteria are fixed, not the data. Every time you run a Smart List, you’re checking the database and contacts are automatically added or excluded depending upon the criteria. So, if you need to email all boat owners on pier B you know it’ll return just the boats on B. The customer who swapped to C is automatically excluded.

Smart Lists or reporting

Smart Lists won’t replace the suite of reports in Harbour Assist. You’ll still need reports for deferred revenue and occupancy and such. Think of Smart Lists as a way to segment and communicate with customers or to provide a snapshot of customer-related data

Between Smart Lists and Reporting, users in all areas of the business can access the information they need to communicate with clients, administer finances, manage staff and run safe and welcoming sites.

How can we help your business?

If you’d like to talk about how Harbour Assist can help your team be smarter,  email Nick direct [email protected]