Arrivals, departures and getting paid.

If your marina accepts visiting boats, you probably focus on giving them a warm welcome and making sure you get paid.

A warm welcome and super on-site experience is all about the quality of service you deliver to customers. Great customer service is 90% having a well-trained team who love their jobs, and 10% having systems that support the team.

Here’s now the 10% should work:

Visitor arrival

Any system needs to provide a simple way to manage future reservations, knowing which boats are due in, what berths are available, and easy ways to communicate with booked boaters.

If all team members have access to the system, everyone can pull up the information they need when they need it. While the most-used occupancy view is the calendar, map and tile views give a different visual layout for the team on the dock.

And it’s not just about internal processes. How nice if an email pings into my inbox with a reservation confirmation, welcome from the marina manager and link to the marina map? I’m less likely to be a no-show, and I’m less likely to need a lot of hand-holding on arrival.

Having a suite of template emails covering a range of topics makes it easy to send customers personalised welcome and departure messages, plus storm or tide warnings and even satisfaction surveys.

Visitor departure

People on holiday can be fickle creatures, and by-and-large, that’s what visiting boats are. If the weather is nice, they may want to extend their stay, or maybe the kids are bored, so they want to leave early. The berth is a bit blown-on, so they want to swap to another location.

Your system needs to be able to accommodate these changes quickly and easily. Click a boat name and get the option to swap berths, extend the stay or depart early.

We put all visitors on a single screen so you can see who is in, boats due to depart, who has overstayed, who has paid (or not). You can send an invoice or add extra nights to an order, clear anyone who already left and track which berths they’ve occupied.

It’s intuitive and saves the hassle of owners forgetting to pay or staff forgetting to ask for payment.

Visitor depart screen

Resident movements

If your marina doesn’t have the luxury of dedicated visitor berths, additional income is dependent on utilising spaces when resident boats are out. Rather than scribbling this info on a sheet of paper or the ops board, capture it straight into the system.

A couple of clicks to release a berth for a period and all the team knows it’s available for visitors. The berth holder comes back sooner – one click to delete the release.

Berth release screen

Visitor reporting

A suite of occupancy reports, including arrivals and departures, overstays, releases, occupancy by type, and asset, gives the team on the dock the tools they need to do their jobs and provides management oversight.

How can we help your business?

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