New branding unveiled

The unveiling of the new name and logo completes the 2019 merger between Dean & Reddyhoff and Quay Marinas.

Now known as ‘boatfolk’, all eleven marinas around the UK coast will share the same green branding and new website

Quay Marinas

Quay Marinas came onboard with Harbour Assist in 2016 after looking for a more responsive and customer-focused alternative to their existing management system.

“Harbour Assist makes it easy for customers to do business with us” says Paul Rye of Quay Marinas, now boatfolk.

Dean & Reddyhoff

Harbour Assist was installed at the five Dean & Reddyhoff marinas in summer 2019 after a vigorous procurement process.

The merger with Quay Marinas was completed in September 2019.

Software Merger

The initial phase of the software merger was completed in early 2020, with the Quay data and users brought into the Dean & Reddyhoff system. This enabled the two organisations to streamline processes, while still raising invoices and emails using separate logos.

The next step for Harbour Assist was to create a new account with the new logos, templates, bank details and website and log-ins for 90 staff. This was completed in little over 3 hours, with minimal disruption to staff and no impact on the customer portal. Read more about the process.

Kevin Baird, Bangor Harbour Master and Marina Manager said:

“As an end user of Harbour Assist, I must say the service they provide is exceptional. From our perspective the integration of data was seamless.”

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