Cattewater Harbour Commissioners

Located on Devon’s south coast in Plymouth, Cattewater Harbour provides access to privately owned facilities for both commercial shipping and leisure craft. Plymouth is renowned for its exceptional waterside recreational amenities and its prestigious reputation as a venue for leading ocean races and world-class water events.

Rich in naval heritage, the Cattewater Harbour Commission’s offices are situated across from the historic Mayflower Steps, the departure point for the Pilgrim Fathers’ legendary journey to America on the Mayflower.

The Cattewater Harbour Commission was established by an Act of Parliament to serve as the navigation, conservancy, and civil pilotage authority for Cattewater Harbour and the Port of Plymouth. The Commission has the authority to levy dues on ships, cargo, and passengers to cover expenses and sustain financial reserves.

Facing the complexities of a varied environment, Cattewater required a harbour management system to improve and update their operations, including mooring administration, maintenance, and customer communication.

Evie Smith (Business Support Officer), stated: ‘We wanted a system tailored perfectly to our port’s needs. Despite being a small port, we offer a diverse range of services and have various associations within our operations.   After conducting research into the systems utilised by other harbours, we opted for Harbour Assist, as it consistently emerged as the most popular choice. Feedback from other harbours was overwhelmingly positive, with many citing its revolutionary impact on harbour operations.

Evie added, ‘The onboarding process, particularly the data importing phase, was a source of considerable apprehension for us. However, Rachel and Duncan from Harbour Assist swiftly alleviated our concerns by providing expert guidance throughout the data upload, making the process significantly smoother than anticipated.’ 

‘The continuous support we’ve received has been exceptional. Duncan has been consistently available to provide ongoing assistance whenever needed. We are immensely grateful for his patience and encouragement during the upload process, training sessions, and our initial batch of annual renewals!’

To find out more about Cattewater Harbour, visit Cattewater Harbour Commissioners.

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