Welcome aboard, Emsworth Yacht Harbour

Emsworth Yacht Harbour enjoys a peaceful location at the north of Chichester Harbour, close to pretty Emsworth village. The marina has over 200 walk-ashore berths, a thriving boatyard and several commercial tenants.

Family-owned and run

Unusually for a British marina, Emsworth Yacht Harbour is family-owned and run, with the Wakelin family recently celebrating 25 years at the helm. However, the history of the marina goes back well over 50 years to the early 1960s and the boom in leisure boating.

The original owner, Admiral Gick, built his own dredger to deepen the old logging pond to create the marina – not something health and safety culture would allow today!

Customers love the relaxed, community environment at Emsworth, and it is one of few marinas that can boast of a big waiting list. Significant investment in the physical infrastructure coupled with a flexible, non-corporate management style demonstrably works well.

“The portal and paying online gives the flexibility customers demand”

Choosing Harbour Assist

The need to deliver high levels of customer service across different platforms has driven the move to Harbour Assist. Even more important as the marina team grows to ten staff.

“The CRM is really important,” said Director Alison Wakelin, “It allows you to check and contact customers easily, something we couldn’t do with our previous system”. Emsworth is going live in early 2020, just in time for contract renewals.

“We need the continuity of knowing who said what to whom, and Harbour Assist delivers”

With a busy boatyard and several part-time staff, the Tasks function has proved popular, ensuring jobs are handed-over and completed, and Alison sees real benefits for maintenance and inspections with the Asset Maintenance feature.

For more information about Emsworth Yacht Harbour, visit emsworth-marina.co.uk

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