Get snap happy and keep customers on-side

You’re a dockmaster, doing a daily boat check. The boat on B05 has a torn cover flapping in the breeze, and the dock lines are all slack.

So, you re-tie the boat until its snug on the berth and make a mental note of the cover. You’ll send the owner an email when you get back to the office.

But the phone keeps ringing, and you forget to send that email.

Do it on the dock

If you’re carrying a tablet (waterproof case hanging around your neck), you could take a quick photo or two and send direct to the customer in a couple of clicks.

Bring-up the customer account, click ‘send email’ on the dashboard. Access your camera, take a couple of shots, compose a few words and press ‘send’.

Even better to have a suite of email templates ready to cover all eventualities. Just select the one called ‘we’ve spotted’ with text along the lines of: ‘We’ve spotted a problem on your boat – please see the attached photo’.

Merge fields automatically personalise with the customer’s and sender’s details.

Spread some joy

Or turn the idea on its head and send the boat owner some good news.

Imagine being stuck at home (maybe in lockdown) and receiving an email that says: ‘We just checked your boat, and she looks great – ready for when you next visit. Here’s a photo’.

What boat owner wouldn’t want to know that the harbour is looking after their pride and joy?

Unlimited templates & comms captured

There’s no limit to the number of templates you can set-up for email, letter or SMS. Having a suite of editable templates to cover everything from debt chasing to storm warnings, WiFi codes to pontoon party invites, makes life easier for the customer-facing team.

And like everything in Harbour Assist, every communication item is captured and added to the customer record. You can check the email send status, and whether the customer has opened it. If the customer replies, you can forward the email to the system ‘track’ address which automatically adds it to the customer’s record.

The ultimate goal…

The easier you can make it, the more likely comms get sent, which leads to your customers thinking that your service levels are exceptional and your staff truly care. In turn, they’re more likely to renew a contract, visit more often or recommend you to a friend.

And it only takes a couple of clicks.


How can we help your business?

If you’d like to talk about how Harbour Assist can help your team to make customers happy,  email Nick direct [email protected]